Custom Homes

Natural Construction Specializes in Custom Homes

We specialize in the building of custom dream homes. Natural Construction delivers all that you expect of an experienced home builder. We listen. We plan. We build. When we hand over the keys, we know that you will be delighted because we put extraordinary care into the final product. Our team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and the best quality in workmanship.

We begin with the design and determine the necessary elements to create the perfect home for you.

We take the time to understand your needs and follow through in producing the expected results. The planning and design phases are just as important as the overall construction. We make sure that lines of communication are open and that you can reach us when you have questions or need new changes. Natural Construction has specialists with knowledge and expertise in designing and building. This takes the guesswork out of which designs and styles will best fit your needs. We know what to ask and how to help you make the decisions necessary and stay within your budget.  When your custom-built home is finished, you will be amazed at how Natural Construction brought to life all that you envisioned.

Select The Best, Select Natural Construction

Locally owned and operated, Natural Construction serves Lexington and the surrounding areas. We build the most beautiful homes in Kentucky and we are happy to provide references upon request. We are proud of our work and happy to hear how you are enjoying your new home when we see you around town!

We Have Experience

 Natural Construction has been building customized homes for many years. Our level of experience provides you with the trust and professional workmanship that you are looking for. Natural Construction understands what it takes to customize, design, and build the home of your dreams. Our leading contractors have decades of experience. Natural Construction provides you with all that you need when you are ready for your dream home. Together let’s make it a reality.

Natural Construction Brings Peace of Mind

Custom home projects can be stressful. Natural Construction can alleviate those worries by providing you with answers, options, and an overview of the project. We are licensed and insured and meet all of the legal requirements. Our entire team is held to the highest standards. We request background checks and drug screening from all our employees. Please let us know if you have any questions about our credentials. They are readily available for you.

Why Choose a Customized Home?

1. Added Value

Our experts at Natural Construction bring added value to your home. Quality-built customized homes boost the value and appeal of your home and neighborhood. We have the ability to deliver high-end projects with high expectations. Natural Construction has been delivering these types of high-end projects for years. We use our expertise, highest quality materials, and resources to achieve the best results.

2. Full-Service Construction

Natural Construction is available for you each and every step. We have experts involved from the beginning of the project to the end – the moment we hand you your new keys. You can feel confident that you will be provided with all of your options, detailed estimates, and guidance.

3. We Listen

Our home building experts will collaborate with you to make your custom dream home a reality. We will create the perfect atmosphere and design that will fulfill your wishes. Natural Construction is your local custom home builder who understands and strives to make sure every square foot is tailored to your vision. Starting at the front door to the flooring of your choice, we will customize everything to bring your dream to life.

4. Go with the Best

Natural Construction is an experienced home builder. Avoid unwanted construction hassles that can come from other inexperienced companies. Our experts work to ensure that our home building team gets it right the first time.

Do you need to make changes? Is it time for a new style? Natural Construction is ready to guide you through custom home renovations that will ensure your home is customized to meet your needs, as often as your taste evolves.

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